Persuasive Essay On Opioids

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In the United States alone, more than 36 million people abuse illegal substances, however, most of these are not caused by the prescription of opioids. A drug abuse crisis is overtaking the U.S. Drug abuse kills over 200,000 people worldwide each year, although only .002 percent of these deaths are caused by the prescription of opioids. 117 million people suffer from a chronic illness, many of which need the prescription of opioids to function on a daily basis. Even though many people abuse them, doctors should not stop prescribing opioids because they are necessary for many people to function, most people who abuse them have had problems with other substances, and most opioid-related deaths do not come from doctor prescribed pills. First, they are necessary for many people to function. Opioids are a type of narcotic pain medication. They treat severe pain that may not respond to other forms of medication. Many people receive them after surgeries, or if they have an illness that causes chronic pain. Opioids give many people their only way to function. In one case, Jay Lawrence got into a back-breaking car accident that left him with little to no function. On good days, he could only make coffee and feed his dogs. Abruptly, doctors decided to cut down his pain medication, the only thing giving him this little bit of movement, because of the center for disease control and preventions prescribing guidelines. There was no need to do this, as Jay had shown no

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