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There are many wondrous animals on planet Earth. The Garden Snail, which is one of the slowest animals on Earth, The Mandarin Fish, which is one of the most aesthetic animals in the world, and the Immortal Jellyfish, which has the ability to change from a senior, to a new born. All of these amazing animals are known for their amazing ability. However, the fastest animal on the planet happens to be the Peregrine Falcon. The Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) is the fastest animal on the planet. The fastest speed for an adult Peregrine Falcon is 240 mph. The feathers on the Falcon are light and slicked. This allows the Peregrine Falcon to dive without the wind getting caught in its feathers to slow it down. Unfortunately, these amazing creatures are endangered in the state of New Jersey. To sum up, it is easy to conclude that Peregrine Falcons should be saved for the pleasure of human beings.…show more content…
First off, the food chain is a balance of what other animals eat and what eats it. For instance, different animals have specific jobs to help the ecosystem. For instance, the Peregrine Falcon keeps the population of the animals that it eats in balance. According to, “Powerful and fast-flying, the Peregrine Falcon hunts medium-sized birds, dropping down on them from high above in a spectacular stoop,” ( staff). In other words, Peregrine Falcon’s prey on smaller birds. Because of this, the population of the smaller birds will stay in balance. Without the Peregrine Falcon, its prey’s population would flourish dramatically. The food that the smaller birds eat will disappear, and the habitat would fall apart. .To sum up, the Peregrine Falcon should be saved because without it, the population of the animals that it preys on would multiply and negatively affect the

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