Persuasive Essay: Why I Want To Be A Teacher

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Why do people want to become teachers? There is low pay, long hours, little benefits, students have more rights than teachers. I want to be a teacher because I want to make a difference and change every child’s heart that I come into contact with. Teaching is one of those jobs where you get to be an undercover angel, because you are able to effect so many different lives by caring and teaching. You matter not only to one person in an office, but for 18-20 kids. You shape and mold them to become the person they are. While it doesn’t pay as fitting, and it does have long hours, with also some disrespect. That all ties in to bring minds and hearts into the future of tomorrow. Teaching children is not for the weak and money hungry. It’s not …show more content…

Elementary teachers would need to be healthy enough to walk to and from class with their children well as montering lunch and recess. FIeld trips would be another reason to be in shape enough to be able to move and walk around. As far as secondary teachers, they need to be able to walk around from different classes and to be able to stand up for long period of times during lectures. The education required for a teacher at a private level is desired but a degree is not necessarily required. While in public schools, the state requires a minimum of a bachelor's degree for PK-12 positions. A university or college level teacher may need to have a Masters or Phd may be required. To become a public school teacher you will need to get a bachelor's degree which would include coursework and student teaching experience. A certificate to teach from the state in which you live would include a standard classroom teacher exam as well as a professional ethics exam. Upon passing both exams, then a teacher would pay a fee to the state to obtain a certificate as well as a certificate for any endorsements. Then, you would fulfill all you need to become a teacher. Now, you can find the area or school in which you would like to work and that would have openings in a position you would like to teach

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