Persuasive In Mark Twain's The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain is a novel about a boy named Tom Sawyer and he lives in a small town in the 1800s. Tom and his friends get into lots of trouble throughout the story. One trait that Tom shows many times is being persuasive. Persuasive means being good at persuading someone to do or believe something through reasoning or the use of temptation. Being persuasive helps Tom a lot in the story. It was a Saturday morning and Tom was stuck with the chore of whitewashing the fence. All the boys in town were out playing and swimming until Jim came by. Tom tried to trade the whitewashing job for getting water from the well. Jim denied and then later Ben Rodger came by acting like a steamboat captain. Tom was able to get Ben intrigued …show more content…

If Tom was not persuasive and did not get Ben Rodger to whitewash then he would have let him whitewash right away and would have not made the job of whitewashing sound like an honor. If he lacked those persuasion skills then Ben then other kids might have thought that whitewashing was boring making Tom do the whole fence and he would have not got all the items from the kids. When Tom talks with Huck before school they debated about the spunk water wart removal ritual. Tom told him how to do it and Huck told him that Bob Tanner did it and it did not work. Originally Huckleberry Finn did not believe it but Tom told him how to do it right and Huck finally believed Tom. In class during the trading activity I had to persuade people to trade their items for mine. If I did not persuade then I probably would have gotten fewer items from the trading activity. Sometimes my persuasion skills were not enough and I could the football card I wanted even though I tried. In real life, sport athletes are persuaded to join teams. For example, J.D Martinez was persuaded to join the Red Sox because the Red Sox had enough money to make him interested in

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