Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Dialectical Journal

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn I’m very excited to see what happens next chapter in the adventure of Huckleberry Finn novel. Huck was bored in society of Huck’s father and Widow Douglas ( Huck’s guardian ). So, Huck was a runaway to freedom life, and meet slave Jim on the way, their meet various story in the novel. I think that some chapter of novel can be find of the social today. I have interest in character of novel are Huck, Jim, and Tom Sawyer to analysis them. Huck is a young boy that have advantages and disadvantage. Fist in advantage, Huck is browned off with the act of the king and the duke, that their deceive the Wilks family. So, he help the Wilks family by hide gold into Peter’s coffin, and tell true story to Marry Jane by give a letter to her. This is the best thing that Huck can do to the Wilks family. It’s good plan and the Wilks family aren’t lose all property. In the action of …show more content…

First, Tom and Tom’s friends include Huck have baby plan that Tom think that great story, but it is build a castle in the air. Because, he has many imagine from novel. but this plan isn’t success. Because that Tom’s friends must don’t come back home before dusk. I think that, He is young boy and many imagine. So, He usually just to raving, but this plan isn’t success. Until, Tom meet Huck and listen about Huck’s story. Then, Huck told him to help Jim. He always excited and plan to help Jim. Many plan of Tom are very difficult and confuse. In the plan of Tom is effect to Jim has a confuse and many people in town think that Jim and negro plan to escaped more than 3 month. But, It’s plan of Tom and he bring that from many novel. Tom is true young boy, that have thirteen years old. He is idea like combines child and teenage, but that come from books always. He usually read a book, and don’t experience of the adventure in real life. So, he has imagine only. In addition, he can’t correct problem by himself and correct by use from

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