Photojournalist James Karales Iconic Picture Of The Selma To Montgomery March

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After analizing photojournalist James Karales iconic photograph of the march Selma to Montgomery for voting rights and reading background material on it, and considering what the marchers might have thought and felt, I will give you my outlook on the matter. James Karales to who was born in Canton Ohio and earned his degree in fine arts from Ohio University recorded the march from Selma to Montgomery Alabama in 1965 where thousands of protesters walked a 54-mile march. The photograph he took captured a historical point during the civil rights movement. After researching information on this subject matter during the march from Montgomery to Selma many folks had died including a white minister from up north to whom was there to support the voting rights for black people. The march was very violent but those who marched did not give up. There was many people of many different backgrounds and skin color that supported this movement, came together and fought in what they believed in, which was everyone should be treated as equal and given the right to vote. During this movement many people had gotten hurt, but all still …show more content…

After taking the picture and publicizing it in the magazine, the picture that James Korales took did not get a lot of recognition or exposure, but the picture of the Selma to Montgomery march for black voting rights captured phenomenal greatness within a historical moment. Korales captured the revealing strength of conviction demonstrated by thousands people seeking basic human rights. After reading about the photograph Karales took, The Selma march that was captured in the photo was like a mural and perfectly matches the moment and the movement, its black and white imagery seemed as something orchestrated right out of the red sea. Karales is best known for his iconic photo of the Selma to Montgomery

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