Photoshop's Negative Effects On Body Image

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Models look really good on the cover of the magazines, but how are their bodies affecting young female adults throughout the world? In today’s day and age, media has a big impact on almost everyone - whether it’s social media, news broadcasts, advertisements or magazines. This exposure to media at a young age can affect self esteem. Due to Photoshop’s ability to create unrealistic photographs, it is negatively affecting the body image of teenage girls. Ever since 1839 when the first picture was taken, people have been trying to find ways to improve and alter the picture’s images. The picture being produced by the camera was never good enough by itself. There were always flaws that needed fixed - flyaway hair, stretch marks, skin imperfections, …show more content…

When randomly asked on the street or in anonymous questionnaires, most people claim retouched pictures are creating false images and ideals. These people include many of the population that are looking at these images through magazines or advertisements on tv. Though many company advertisements retouch their models, like the famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret, one of the most teenager-populated companies has decided that Photoshopping their models was creating a false imaginary ideal to their customers. American Eagle’s lingerie store, Aerie, has decided to go commando - with the use of Photoshop, that is. The “Aerie Real Campaign” has become Instagram famous with their promotion pictures on their page. None of their models advertised in their lingerie and bathing suits are photoshopped. Customers see everything from their little roll on their stomach to the stretch marks on their hips and thighs. This is almost like a breath of fresh air for those suffering from such self esteem issues that are created from other advertising industries. To be exposed with an image of someone who is far from “picture perfect” but are still a model for a famous teenage store relieves some of the stress of trying to achieve the “perfect” body, but body image standards are different all over the

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