Piggy Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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Do you ever feel like someone who isn’t heard or someone who is ignored? If so you’ll enjoy this. Lord of the Flies, is written by William Golding, published in 1954. Piggy, a major character and is 12 years old; is a fat British choir boy wanting to be a leader, but isn’t consider a leader by anyone. Golding wrote “Lord of the Flies” during the Cold War; however, it was based during WWII. Piggy believes, since there are no parents around they wouldn’t be able to survive by themselves, he ignores that people call him an “ass” (Golding 9) and fat, and engages in standing up for himself which affects the novel positively. Piggy believes there were no parents around and that they wouldn’t be able to survive by themselves. “They’re all dead, said Piggy, an this island. Nobody don’t know we’re here” (Golding 17). If you look back on page 7 in the Lord of the Flies, the kids are discussing even more about how there are no adults or parents around. Having no parents on the island affects them negatively because anything can happen and they don’t have adults to straighten them up. That’s why Piggy is nervous about being here, but all the other boys disagree. They think life will go easier without the adults around. …show more content…

“Every hand outside the choir except Piggy’s was raised immediately. Then Piggy, too, raised his hand grudgingly into the air. Ralph counted. I’m chief then” (Golding 29). They don’t think Piggy is capable of becoming the leader of the tribe or capable of having an opinion that is worth listening to. This effects others in the story because they keep having arguments and disagreements on things rather than working together. The outcome of the novel is affected by Piggy being bullied and tease. If they didn’t mess with Piggy they could’ve gotten the important stuff done faster, like building a fire or

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