Lord Of The Flies Bullying Analysis

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Nowadays bullying has become the major and common problem for children and can awfully affect their lives in many different ways such as depression and suicide. William Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies, takes place in the 1950’s in England, where Golding used to be a school teacher and face many types of problems among children. According to his novel, bullying is a particular problem for Piggy who cannot fit in a community because of his initial appearance. Even though Lord of the Flies has many purposes and it is not focused on just one target, Golding explains bullying and its impacts on Piggy very smoothly beside the main idea of the story. He shows how bullying causes Piggy to lose his self-confidence, breaking his glasses and became dependent and intimidated. At the beginning of the story, Golding introduces a boy named Piggy, a fat, intelligent boy, who feels shy about himself and loses his self-confidence through the story. The other boys at the island start bullying him, especially verbally by calling him a fat, useless boy in the group. We can understand Piggy’s feeling when in a community with a democracy, he is scared of bully boys, especially Jack, and refuses to talk; “ Piggy opened his mouth to speak, caught Jack’s eye and shut it ...” narrator says (Golding, 42). This shows …show more content…

As the author explains, he is a boy with a glasses who is almost blind without his specs; however, nobody even cares about his situation and never stop bullying him. For instance, the times Jack takes Piggy’s glasses, Piggy goes almost blind and cannot see anything. We can understand his pain and feelings when he starts shouting and crying; “ Here–let me go! … Mind out! Give ’em back! I can hardly see!” Piggy says (Golding, 40). Although Piggy tries to get used to with his situation, he cannot get over this type of abusing and starts

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