Point Of View In The Lady With The Dog By Raymond Carver

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The different uses of point of view in a short story can influence how the reader interprets the text. For example, the short story "Cathedral" incorporates the use of first person. First person point of view is when a narrator conveys an experience from their perspective. By choosing to use first person narrative, the author allows the reader to gain a concise understanding of how the narrator is thinking and feeling. First person narrative is often used because it allows the reader to better understand the context of the text and the story becomes more intimate for the reader. On the other hand, the short story, "The Lady with the Dog" integrates the use of third person limited narrative. Third person limited narrative is used when authors only want the reader to know the thoughts and feelings of a specific character. With third person limited narrative, the narrator is not a character within in the story. This form of narrative presents minimal thoughts of one character while the rest of the characters are presented independently. Ultimately, "Cathedral" and "The Lady with the Dog" use different points of view, however, they are still capable of influencing how to reader perceives each text. The short story, "Cathedral" is told through first person narrative. The author Raymond Carver uses this point of view to tell the story through the perspective of an unknown narrator. In the beginning of the story, the audience learns that the narrator is arrogant and closeminded.

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