Police Brutality

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The police brutality of African Americans has shaped American history from the civil movements of the 20th century to the power movements of today’s society. The injustices of blacks reached a peak in the 1900s as a fight for equality and civil rights fueled deeper. Blacks were free from slavery but still weren’t seen as equals in American culture. The law is intended to protect it citizens but in that time blacks had no favor with the law and police. The same issues of inequality before the law and social acceptance have ignited a the modern day push for rights and fair treatment. Police brutality of African Americans has been rebirth rebirthed into the American society through the ongoing racial injustices, fight for equality, and the abuse and misconception of power. “What do I tell my black child?”? This discussion of training your child on how to act when encountered by the police has become a disturbing reality for most African American families. While every child should be taught how to address the police, black parents are faced with the task of teaching their child how to survive them. Police brutality for most black families is a generational curse that never ceases to exist. Racial injustice can take on many different forms and identities dating as far back as slavery. Blacks were denied the right to humanity for 400 years-, taking 16 different presidents for blacks to finally obtain a freedom. Yet, while blacks were legally free, they faced years of recurring
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