Pony Boy Book Report

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How could anyone imagine not having a best friend? Johnny’s choices impact Ponyboy by, saving the kids from the burning church, killing the soc bob, and sending Ponyboy a letter. The night of the church broiling into flames, Johnny and Ponyboy had already been out of the church when it first started. “I bet we started it,” Ponyboy says to Johnny,”we must have dropped a lighted cigarette or something.” (p-91) Ponyboy thinks he and Johnny must have started the fire with a cigarette butt, so they both jump out of the car the examine the blaze. Ponyboy notices a faint yell from inside the church, and starts a dead run. As he runs up to the blazing fire all he could think was, we started it. As Ponyboy ran up to the church he didn’t notice Johnny …show more content…

Suddenly a blast from a horn makes them both jump, the blue Mustang was circling around the park slowly. “It’s too late now, here they come,”(p-54) Johnny says as 5 socs walk straight towards them. Johnny’s hand went for the switch blade in his back pocket, Johnny was scared to death. It was Bob and 4 other socs, “you could use a bath greasers.”(p-55) Ponyboy tried to fight of the soc, but all he could do was hold his breath. The next thing he knew, he was coughing and gasping. Then he saw Johnny, he was a strange greenish-white color, and his eyes were huger than ever before. “I killed him,” he said slowly. “I’ve killed that boy.” After Ponyboy and Johnny calmed themselves they run away, they were scared of the police coming, they needed a plan. The choices that Johnny does affect Ponyboy by the letter, when he tells him they’re is still good in the world. Also, when he decides to save the kids from the burning church, and risks his own life only to die later. The poem says that nothing can stay good in the world. Only to tell him, to remain gold or innocent. Not all good things have to come to an

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