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The film Boyz N the Hood is a story about life in South Central Los Angeles. The film was wrote and directed by John Singleton in 1991. I chose this movie because of its relevance to the course and how it reflects pop culture in that time period. The opening line in the movie “one out of every twenty-one Black American males will be murdered in their lifetime” really catches the audience attention. This movie goes into detail and shows the life of three young males living in the hood of Los Angeles battling a life surrounded by drugs, violence, and questions of race. This film is a great image of how American pop culture was consumed in the early 90s. This film focuses on the relationship and interactions between three African American males …show more content…

The intent of this movie was fulfilled by showing the audience the points he was addressing. The writer showed the cruel violence that was happening in Los Angeles and how no one on the outside seemed to know or even care about what was going on in the hood. The way the movie was produced showing a majority of the focus from Tre Styles point of view was helpful in letting the viewers understand how it is to live in the hood from someone’s perspective. There was two particular scenes in the movie that I felt was key to the development and understanding of the film. The first one was the scene where Tre’s dad Furious Styles takes him and Ricky to this billboard that is advertising “Cash for your home”. Furious goes on to talk about how there are gun shops and liquor stores on every corner in a black community. He addresses that the public on the outskirts of the hood wants the black community to kill themselves. I believe that this scene was essential to the development of the film because it highlighted one of Singleton’s intents to address inner-city black gun violence awareness. The second on was when Tre and Ricky were walking back home from the store when they got approached by a group of gang members in a car. Tre thought it would be best to split up but Ricky

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