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Senorita- Vince Staples “I’m focused, they stuck on that dull shit, Livin’ for that True Religion is broke shit I can spend that on a Mac with a long clip” (Vince Staples Senorita) Here Vince Staples gives a taste of the emphasis people place on guns and violence in typical “hood” areas. In the music video Senorita, Vince Staples illustrates the constant violence and many social and political difficulties that people living in low-income neighborhoods have to face. Staples also criticizes the bubble that the higher class white people are living in and how they have no regard for people born into situations less fortunate than themselves. Through the artistic presentation of his music video, Staples demonstrates how certain societal obstacles …show more content…

He walks out of his home wearing a school backpack and dressed like he is going to class. On the walk he passes by strippers, people drinking alcohol, and a drug dealer who all try to lure him away yet Staples never falters. These three are common things in the hood that suck people’s life up and ruin their dreams and aspirations. The drug dealer actually opens his trench coat to reveal the drugs but all that is there is a black hole, which represents how drugs can completely consume people and take all they have away from them. Vince uses the path of education to achieve his dream of performing music. After he escapes the strippers and drug dealers and such, he goes to a man dressed in riot gear who pays Vince money to perform on a stage. The man is presumably white and he is sweating as if he is terrified of something. He represents the music industry and how they make millions off of black artists while the executives have no regard for the actually music and just suck the profit out of the art. In fact because of racial stereotypes they are terrified of what they have gotten into but still want to make more money. Staples successfully uses education to achieve his dream of making music, yet he still has to suffer at the hands of more powerful ignorant people because of his race and his

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