Positive And Negative Effects Of The Columbian Exchange In The New World

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Columbian Exchange
The Columbian exchange had both positive and negative effects for both Europe and the New World, but of the negative effects stem from racial views. Positive effects in Europe included introducing the Western civilization of the period, wealth, knowledge, and material substances that they did not have before. There was not much of a negative effect in Europe except for diseases from the New World counts. Positive effects of the exchange in the New World were new items and a new way of life, but a new lifestyle could also be negative, and another negative outcome for the New World was the introduction diseases. An overall negative effect was the growing distance of respect between races in America.
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Lima, Peru is very diverse, but the description mostly focused on the whites, or Spaniards, and their nobility; consequently, the two authors keep bringing up how these people were decedents of Spain. The authors were born in Spain possibly contributing to them speaking so highly of the subject. They then write about how the kings of Spain applauded a family who had Incan lineage, possibly to keep a good relation with them because the Spanish did conquer the Incan Empire two hundred years prior. The excerpt forms a positive and superior view of Spanish decedents. In turn, that makes some of the people of Lima a superior race in the eyes of Spaniards attributing to the theory of a superior race and racism, a problem that still exists today (3). A major result of the Columbian exchange is the America we live in today. It developed in isolation, but it also has a conglomeration of ethnicities making it very diverse like Lima proving that people of different ethnicities are growing to accept the fact that everyone can live together without slavery or racism

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