Positive Change In Don Aker's The First Stone

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In “The First Stone” by Don Aker, he introduces positive change towards both Reef and Leeza. They both retain a rough instance in their time, but with the help of others they prevail. And if Reef were to never gain the opportunity to meet Leeza, they both may not have changed. Unfortunate coincidences can bring two seemingly, unconditionally different people – Leeza and Reef, Reef and Colville, Val and Leeza – together, and help them heal. Val helps Leeza with her positive change by getting Leeza to start her rehabilitation. “‘Leeza, honey,’ said Val, ‘you can do this. Just focus on my voice. I want you to picture a place in your head.’ Leeza sobbed again. ‘I can’t!’” (Aker, 128) This shows that Val is trying to help Leeza. Val wanted to get her off of her bed and into a wheelchair so Leeza can meet her rehabilitation team. If Leeza never got into the wheelchair, she never would’ve made as much progress as she did. …show more content…

“Colville grinned. ‘Guess I’m not the only one who’s big on symbols, eh?’ ‘Fuck you.’” (Aker, 104) This shows that at first Reef has no respect for Colville at all, as seen through his language. As Reef is getting more accustomed towards North Hill, he cuts back on his language, “Reef returned his stare without blinking. ‘I wasn’t the one who came up with this family room sh-’ he paused for just a second, remembering how his profanity had earned him more than a few ‘extra jobs’ since day one.” (Aker, 142) this shows that while Reef cut back on his cursing so he won’t get an “extra job”, he also respected Colville by doing so. “‘Sorry, Frank,’ Reef said as he climbed into the pickup.” (Aker, 283) This shows the Reef finally respects Colville enough to apologize to him. That shows that Reef has changed his ways to a friendlier version of himself, with help from

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