First Stone Lessons

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People can change and learn from their mistake.Learning from mistakes can influence people for the better. Reef learns his lessons in the “The First Stone” by Don Aker. Reef is in the North Hills group home for a year because of the Judge’s sentence. While at the group home, Reef begins to learn the importance of respect, the need for self-reflection and how important are true friendships. He was influenced by Frank Colville , Leeza and Alex. In the novel, Reef learns the need to responsible for his own actions while being a resident at the North Hills group home with Frank Colville . Now speaking foul languages isn’t right to Reef after he goes to the North Hills Group Home. He will be ashamed once he says so from “ ….Reef muttered …show more content…

In the novel, Leeza has impacted and influenced Reef’s life greatly. Leeza always shows the good sides of her that make Reef want to be a better person. She shows how she is willing to share her personal information which makes Reef also do the same which it the opposite to the regular him which he never express himself like living in a shell by himself . In chapter 25 p.263 , the author says “Reef did not look up. He did the only thing he could do. He wept.” This shows what Leeza made Reef express his emotions at the rehabilitation center. Also, on p.213 , “And Carly had come to collect him , they’d still be been talking.” This shows that Reef and Leeza are getting along well which says that Leeza has an impact on Reef’s feelings that he is willing to talk to her about himself more as Leeza opens herself too. Reef also goes to the rehabilitation centre volunteering even though no one is there forcing him . He wants to help Leeza recover quickly and to take care of the others.In Chapter 20 p.220 ” “I didn’t finish everything yesterday,”he said. Which wasn’t exactly a lie. But he was afraid the nurse would see right through him.”. This shows that he is changing to be a caring person. In addition , Reef becomes very good-hearted and empathetic towards others as he steps into his adulthood. In conclusion , Reef learns many lessons from all his

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