The First Stone By Don Aker

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The First Decision Reef, the main character in the novel, The First Stone, by Don Aker, makes a bad decision and ultimately has to deal with the consequences. To begin, Reef latches his anger onto a stone and deliberately throws it over an overpass into oncoming traffic. The stone causes a major accident between not one, but several cars and severely injures a teenage girl. Fortunately for Reef, the Judge sentences him to live at North Hills Group Home, and to volunteer at a rehabilitation centre. This punishment changes Reef’s life for the better. Overtime he became a better person, he fixed his attitude and his perspective on life. “There’s another reason I’m glad the judge ordered me to do this. It’s because I hope what I have to say to people will make a difference.” (Aker 271) The sentencing aided Reef’s life and gave him the opportunity to better himself. If the Judge was not lenient, Reef would have gone to jail and continued to live a sad, broken, unfulfilled life. …show more content…

Rowdy’s bar is a front for more than a dozen shady operations that attracts more police attention than any other place in town. The police catch Jinks’ fighting at Rowdy’s and charge him for drinking underage. “Rowdy may lose his liquor license. He told Jink he better hope it don’t happen” (73). This outbreak gives the police leverage to revoke the bar's liquor license and close Rowdy’s down for good. Rowdy gets back at Jink with an old school beat down, causing Jink to be seriously injured and hospitalized. If Jinks’ did not get into a fight at Rowdy's, the police would not have been called and Rowdy's business would still be up and running. In spite of the fact that Jinks’ was injured, getting caught helped the city get rid of the bar and its negativity. More kids can be saved and not get tied into drugs or alcohol at

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