Price Elasticity Of Demand In Canada

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Microeconomics features two major topics Supply and Demand, which helps study the change in the market conditions of a product. The topic that we have picked is the elasticity of demand, that helps to analysis the effective change of the quantity demand of a product with the effective change in its price. Canada is considered as the sixth largest oil producer in the world, where the oil meets 40% of Canada’s total energy needs through the variety of products. These two articles provide information regarding the change in the quantity demanded of the product due to the change in its price.
Article 1 Per Huffington post Canada, on 1st December 2015, the CEO of Canada mortgage and housing corp., has stated there would be a sharp fall in the housing prices in Canada if the oil prices fall and stay $35 for five years. With the fall in the prices of oil, there would be a drop in
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The demand for travel by air depends on the price of the ticket and the income of the consumer. Both price and income elasticity are taken into consideration, while the price elasticity measures the effective change in the quantity demand and income elasticity deal with the demand of the product due to its change in the income of a consumer. As per the studies, the overall median price of elasticity is -1.1, indication that the demand for air travel is relatively sensitive to price changes (Elasticity of Demand for Air Travel, 2017). According to this article, traveling by air has become a trend. When the consumer has to conduct a business travel, it would be relatively inelastic than the one who would be traveling for luxury and tourism. The effectiveness in the change of demand for air travel would be much less for business travels than luxury tour travel due to the change in its price. Figure 2: Elasticity Of Demand For Air
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