SWOT Analysis Of Flydubai: Low Fist Airlines

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Introduction FlyDubai is a low cost airline that was established at the heart of the global recession by optimistic investors. The airline flight coverage is to regions that are within five hours margin of flying from Dubai. The airline was established by the Emirates government. The airline is not a competitor to the major airlines but poses competition to other low cost airlines. This marketing audit aims at looking at the potential markets for the airline and establishing ways of being established in them. SWOT Analysis of FlyDubai This is the analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing FlyDubai. They are explored below:- Strengths: The strengths of this airlines lies in its low cost flights that attract low income…show more content…
In other words, the company has not yet achieved brand recognition and acceptance like the major airlines hence limiting its level of operations. Opportunities: The airline operates roughly 50 routes. This is a clear indication that there is a lot of potential for growth since there are a lot more available markets that the airline could explore. On the same note, with the growth of tourism, the airline can invest in this area of travel to tap the great returns. Threats: FlyDubai just like any other business faces threats to its existence. For instance, with the global financial crisis and later the Eurozone crisis, the number of travellers has significantly reduced due to economic hardships. This has affected the profit levels of the airline as well as slowed down its growth prospects. The airline also faces intense competition from other low cost airlines forcing it to extensively invest in product differentiation to counter the competition. This is an expensive…show more content…
This information is necessary to understand the size of the market, the level of competition and customer’s needs. The main aim of this process is to gain competitive advantage. The company should collect information relating to the size of the potential markets, the demographic factors of the customers from various markets so as to ascertain whether they can meet their needs. In addition, the airline should also collect information on the level of competitiveness of the various markets to ensure they employ the best entry strategies to get recognition as well as to remain relevant in the markets. FlyDubai undertakes its market research by inviting route proposals from airports that are within their areas of operations through its Route Exchange platform. The airports provide the airline with information such as; the destinations preferred by the customers in the particular
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