Is The Prison System In The United States Reviving Slavery Once Again?

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Is the prison system in the United States reviving slavery once again? Is the free labor of the inmates reasonable because it funds their housing and expenses? Angela Davis, a well-known anarchist believes prison is similar to slavery because some inmates, depending on the state, do not receive pay for their labor. Due to the labor practice in the prison, she argues prison should be eliminated because the government was able to abolish slavery. After implementing the 13th amendment, which was abolishing slavery, the world became a better place because the amendment’s purpose was equality for all color. Davis believes if abolishing imprisonment is not possible, she fights to improve the prison system by applying alternatives such as programs that could be useful to improve inmate’s behavior. Although alternatives to imprisonment such as rehabilitation, fines, and shorter sentences are difficult to implement, the United States should still give those alternatives a chance because it could be a good investment that might lessen the government’s expense and improve …show more content…

This show gave their viewers an idea of how prison is being run in the State of New York. Although, the show was a little romantic, it was still a good example of how prison is nowadays. A good example was when one inmate mentioned that they were doing everything around the prison because no one else would. The inmates were the ones driving for errands, they were preparing their meals, they were fixing broken utilities and electronics, they were doing each other’s laundry and they were the ones cleaning the prison. The Orange is the New black also showed how the behavior of an inmate can change while locked up in prison. It was pretty obvious that they have to stand up for themselves, if not, they are abused either by an officer or their fellow

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