Propaganda In Holocaust Art Analysis

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The Holocaust, was a mass genocide where six million European Jews were killed by Nazis under the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. The horrific events that took place in 1933-1945 where millions of innocent life 's were taken; six million Jews and 5 million more innocent life 's. After experiencing being in the presence of a Holocaust survivor and being a witness to their story inspiration took ahold of me. I was emotionally captivated and impacted through the story and the many artefacts that spread across the museum. However, the major factor that contributed to my sudden interest is that these horrible and unimaginable events were part of reality that happened 84 years ago.

Through researching artworks that were influenced by the Holocaust as well as propaganda in Germany during World War II has really inspired me. The way they captured the Jews emotions and expressions as well as portraying them as non-humans, dehumanising them to rodents or numbers. Furthermore, not only did the physical characteristics of the people present in the artwork inspire me, the use of dull colours, black and white and small use of bold colours was an intriguing factor. The quality of the artwork expresses a
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Through the production of the theme into an artwork in terms of materials and techniques conveying the idea and theme in a simple, but effective way is best suited. Simple in presentation, however possessing detail and depth within the artwork. Possible ways to develop the artwork may consist of detailed and delicate designs of drawing and painting depicting the desired message I want to convey to the audience. Presenting the theme in the desired materials and techniques will also link within the timeframe, as well as presenting it in a damaged state. Techniques of dying paper in tea bags and burning edges of paper creating an appearance of old and damaged, linking it with the old events in which took place many years ago as well as the damage it has on the many ruined
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