Pros And Cons Of Declaration Of Independence

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IURI 373
Assignment 1
Lecturer: Dr I Mwanawina
18 March 2016 INDEX
1 The United States of America 1
1.1 The Declaration of Independence 1
1.2 The Constitution of the United States of America
1 The United States of America
1.1 The Declaration of Independence
At the end of the fifteenth century settlers from Europe arrived in North America, these settlers drove out the people who lived in America. Britain amongst the other colonies soon became the supreme colony in North America. In the eighteenth century these settlers felt more independent and did not like Britain interfering with their lives, their land, or their economy. Between 1676 and 1760 there were lots of rebellions, people tried to overthrow the colonial …show more content…

This pamphlet is read by thousands of colonists in the year of 1776, and throughout this year the colonies notify the Continental Congress that want to be independent from Great Britain and that the colonies would support and accept a declaration of independence.
In the same year, in June, a man named Richard Henry Lee brought a resolution to the Second Continental Congress that read that the colonies should be independent and free States. The Continental Congress than debated about the pros and cons about becoming free and independent States. While the debating took place, the Continental Congress created a committee to draft a document of independence, which if it was adopted, would announce the colonies independence from Great Britain.
On the forth of July 1776 the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence and on the nineteenth of July 1776 the Second Continental Congress orders that the Declaration of Independence be engrossed in parchment. All the members of the Second Continental Congress signed the

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