Pros And Cons Of Eminent Domain

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Eminent domain has been around a long time, codified into the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution, protecting citizens from the seizure of private property by the government without just compensation. It is the power of a government agency or limited types of private companies to involuntarily acquire private property rights in exchange for the payment of just compensation (2013). The government’s right to eminent domain is a very big topic. Eminent domain in today’s society is rarely noticed, and what good that comes out of its use is sometimes unknown. Without it our urban areas would be great places with land not being used. The good that does come out of eminent domain is when an area is not being used, the government …show more content…

The owners could feel the price the government is offering for their property is too low, or perhaps they don’t want to sell their property at any price. Depending on regional laws and which governmental department is involved, the property owners can fight back. For example, they might file a lawsuit against the federal government in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. That is why eminent domain is such a controversial topic because not only can there be benefits, but there can also be ways in which some people do not want to give up their land, and do not benefit from giving up their land. Some owners believe that giving up their land would cause them to lose out on …show more content…

The new laws will be applied shortly after. However, before people are too quick to dismiss the city leaders of New London. The people should consider the underlying merit of their responsibilities. Eminent domain can indeed be used to breathe new life into blighted areas, just as the New London leaders wanted to do. Certainly there have been problems and errors. Wise judgment is needed by our governmental leaders as they apply their eminent domain powers. If a mistake is made, then officials should be quick to correct it (2005). However, in most cases eminent domain is used sensibly, and we must not forget it. We should not be too hasty to give eminent domain a bad label. With proper planning and wise judgment eminent domain can be used to make our cities into greater places

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