Pros And Cons Of King Macbeth

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I think that Macbeth should not kill the King because he knows that it is against his own morals. If Macbeth were to kill the King, the one pro would be that Macbeth would be the new King. This is something that Macbeth has dreamed about for a long time and he will not let anyone get in the way of it. There are many cons of killing the King in which Macbeth ruminates. One of these cons is the guilt that will haunt Macbeth for the rest of his life: “Let not light see my black and deep desires”(Macbeth Act 1 Sc 4 li. 59). Macbeth realizes that he is human, and he asks that he will have courage to follow through with Lady Macbeth’s callous plan. Macbeth also realizes how good of a person the King is which leads him to reevaluate the plan. The
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