Pros And Cons Of The 1920s

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Have you ever realized how far the 1920s were away from now? How different everything was and what all they created and repealed. For instance, the Prohibition Act and its faults that it had caused. Such as the dividing of the Nation, becoming the Dry’s and the Wet’s argument, speakeasies, crime rates went up extremely, etc. How many females and organizations were behind the movement, like the anti-saloon league, the Methodist board, and the main group behind it, the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU). The 1920’s was a time period of a new and improved decade that brung along the prohibition, the goods and the bads of sports, and the positive vibes from the Harlem Renaissance. The prohibition era, were the consumption of alcohol increased …show more content…

It also started to expand more due to the help newspaper articles, magazines, and even the cooperation of electronics such as televisions and radios. Even throughout the goods of sports, there were often bad sides to it as well. Everything was still segregated and African Americans didn’t have the equal rights the white people had at the time. The whites treated them unfair and made it tougher or called bogus calls in every sport that they participated in. It took time for black people to develop enough courage to stand up and fight for equal rights and obtain them in any sport that we were able to play. After the segregation in sports ended, sports blew up because so much talent was being shown together without any separtation or limited …show more content…

is today. From the conflicts of the prohibition act, the arguments that sparked due to the opinions of many Americans for, and against the act. As well as the notorious gangsters and mobs that started from it. To the “Golden Age” where many athletes were icons at the beginning of the sports began to become popular. News reporters, articles, magazines putting them on their cover pages and giving them more exposure. The money that was waged to the players in high amounts in that time period. The racism to the African Americans during sports events and how they had to deal with it until they stood up for equal opportunities as the whites had. Lastly, the progression that the African Americans had developed in the Harlem Renaissance era! The new music they created known as jazz, the poems and literature that was created, the expansion of African culture that had been noticed. Many Americans wonder what it would be like if any of this or maybe even one of these events never took place in history how the world would turn out to

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