Purpose Of College Education

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The purpose of education goes a long way , for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. it is more than just basic knowledge and understanding. Martin Luther King Jr. believes education has a, “ Two-fold function to perform in the life of man and in society.” The two folds that make up the function are utility and culture. The purpose of education in a utility way is to take the degree you earn and use it to it’s full potential. Earning a degree in college is just the first step of a journey that will not only better you, but others that surround you as well.
Evelyn Gonzalez a colleague of mine, just earned a degree in kinesiology. She now uses her degree to provide proper physical therapy for athletes. She is using the knowledge she gained throughout college to help athletes of all levels and sports get back to where they once were. Evelyn always dreamed of being a physical therapist, she took advantage of her education to make a career and succeed in life. Many go to college and graduate , they might have a degree in criminal justice , art , science , it could be anything they want, but don’t even use their degree
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For those who understand the purpose of education are aware of the fact that a college degree puts you above others as oppose to only having a high school diploma. Having a college education gives you a base that will allow you to be successful in anything you chose to do. It can help you land a job in a good company which will provide benefits, benefits you can use to support a family if you have one, or just provide comfortable living for yourself. Truth of the matter is there is thousands of people who graduate college every year. There is only so many jobs out there, it is a competition to land the best job everyday. People who truly understand the purpose of college will take action and use the fact that they have a degree to their
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