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It is tragic how some people need something unfortunate to happen to them so that they can finally listen. In the tragedy, Antigone, by Sophocles, The tragic hero, Creon, discovers that to be successful he must take into consideration what others have to say. Creon has to undergo some challenges to realize that his pride was getting the best of him. In the beginning, Creon was to prideful. He did not listen to anyone, even when someone tried to warn him or give him advice. Creon eventually learned from his flaws after an excessive punishment. Creon’s flaw, punishment, and the wisdom he gains from it all, give Creon the qualities of a tragic hero.

Creon is from noble stature; he is the king of Thebes. Because of his position as king, he …show more content…

Because of his pride, Creon does not listen to what others have to say, even when they are trying to help him. But Creon’s pride is so important to him, he would rather die than be told what to do by someone else. Creon even states that “ No woman’s going to govern me-/ no, no-not while I’m still alive” (Scene2: 600-601). Creon’s statement shows how Creon loaths the idea of being inferior to someone else, especially a woman. Another example in which Creon displays his pride is when he is talking to Haemon. When Creon and Haemon are argueing, Creon says, “So the city now/ will instruct me how I am to govern?/… Am I to rule this land/ at someone else’s whim or by myself?/… According to our laws,/ does not the ruler own the city?” (Scene 3: 836-841). Creon is trying to point out to Haemon that the ruler owns the city, so he and only he has the power to rule over Thebes. Being a king and being prideful mixed with having the power to make decisions that affects others is a combination for …show more content…

Since Creon is too prideful and stubborn to change the decree that violates the laws of the god, people turn against him. Even Creon’s own son turns against him. Creon is obviously upset that his own flesh and blood is against him when he says, “You’re the worst there is-you set your judgement up/ against your father” (Scene 3: 848-849). Based on Creon’s statement, he appears to feel upset and betrayed that his own son does not agree with the chooses he is making. But Haemon is not the the only one who is against the decisions Creon is making; the citizens and the prophets also disagree with the choices Creon is making and Creon knows it. Creon acknowledges that everyone is against him when he says, “Old man, you’re all like archers shooting at me-/ For you all I’ve become your target-/ even prophets have been aiming at me” (Scene 5: 149-1151). In the quote, Creon states that he is everyone’s target. He even specifies that the prophets are against him. His decree that violates the laws of the god might have something to do with that, that and his pride. Creon is not aware of his flaws until the end; after he loses everything important to

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