Quotes About Depression In Hamlet

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The story of Hamlet is all about his tragic journey through life. Throughout his journey he has to deal with the passing of his father and his mother's hasty remarriage to his uncle C laudius the dead king's brother. It is remarkable how one person can deal with the amount of betray he has had to deal with in his life. I can come to the conclusion that hamlet has depression, you are able to see this through his constant mood swings and lack of interaction with his family and so called friends. As a result of all the stress he is encountering he is slowly driving himself mad and many health problems can occur from this. Mental Health disorders are draining on a person's day to day life. Very often the behavior of someone with a mental illness …show more content…

“The drink, the drink! I am poisoned”. This quote is taken from line 319 spoken from the queen. I used this quote because it shows that when hamlet acts rash and very harsh his plans never work he did not mean to poison his mom but that's what happened. I chose this quote because it brings up another symptom of depression. Having a rash feeling is a very common symptom of depression. People with this symptom tend to act out irrationally and constantly feel anxious about everything. Many times throughout this play hamlet seems very depressed. The reader notices this when he talks about wanting to die and then the next day he is completely content with his life. Hamlet's emotions are just continually fluctuating which is another side effect of depression. So in conclusion Hamlet definitely has a lot of mental disorders but the most important one in my opinion is depression. I think this because all of the traumatic events that he has went through in his life. Hamlet has had to deal with death and betrayal at such a young age. Throughout this paper I have learned that mental disorders are a very serious thing. I never knew much about them and I am glad this paper gave me the opportunity to learn about

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