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In the book The Grapes of Wrath, it portrays many of the experiences being lived in the Great Depression and the Dust bowl. But, it also portrays some of the many lives being lived in the modern age today. The book makes a powerful draw to many of the readers due to the fact that America was once in this position; that almost every family was in this position during the Great Depression. Even today in the modern age, most of readers have been through the struggles of trying to survive or what their family members had to do for a better life. The book gives a lot of connection and shows deep meaning that people understand the most. The difficult times being told through the Joad family of how they had to move to California and search for a …show more content…

Also knowing that they left their homeland, Oklahoma in order to search for a better life and to find out California is just as jobless questions the reader. The Joads continued to struggle through when they made it to California. Having to live in an area of the town called “Hooverville” and living day by day without any job or pay would make the reader think the Joads will soon give up. But, despite the fact they had to suffer through the adversity, they still moved forward. In the end of Chapter 1, the quote “The women studied the men’s faces secretly, for the corn could go, as long as something else remained” tells us that hope was the only thing that the women could look forward to. As the men grew hopeless, it was the woman's job to give hope to everyone. Ma Joad kept everyone and everything optimistic as possible. It is interesting to the readers that Ma Joad was almost the “boss” of the family and the link of keeping the family together. She always brought hope among the family which relates to many of the readers that have that certain family member who is the “Ma Joad” in the …show more content…

Besides hope, family was the most important element that strived them through the hard times. It was the mean of survival and without each other, the Joads would have never been able to get to California. It tells us that family is a commodity that shouldn’t be given up on. As the book is read through, it is noticeable that Ma Joad is the one who always tries to keep the family together and is willing to accept new members to join the family. For example, Ma says “we don’t want you to go’way from us. It ain’t good for folks to break up.”(ch.16, 165) tells us that no matter the circumstances, the family will always stick together and find a different solution to the

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