RACE-Are We So Different?

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Genetic variation consist of the differences between individuals. The variation among humans has led to the concepts of race and ethnicity, which are not interchangeable. For the term race, can be consider a subspecies—the differences or variation within the same specie (Stanford 118). Humans belong to the homo-sapiens specie, but have phenotype variability, which are traits influenced by the genotype. While ethnicity is the culture one is born in, for example, language or religion (“What is the difference between race and ethnicity?”). Evolution and migration has increased genetic variation over the years, the RACE-Are we so Different? Exhibit points that race is an inaccurate concept, since individuals are assigned or grouped into a race due to their physical traits, yet humans are not completely unique, and share characteristics (RACE-Are we so Different?). Furthermore, points out that humans have lived in Africa the longest, and only a few immigrated to other parts of the world such as Europe and Asia (RACE-Are we so Different?). In addition, the concept of race is different from Darwin’s theory of Evolution (RACE-Are we so Different?). The theory of evolution states that over many generations the traits of individuals have changed and will continue to change based on natural selection (Stanford 2). The human genetic distribution is due to the expansion or migration of those who left Africa (RACE-Are we so Different?). Therefore, indicating …show more content…

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