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Rachel Rabinowitz’s family is Jewish and living in New York in the early 1900s. Her brother Sam is in 1st grade and her parents are hard working. One day when Rachel and her Mom visited Rachel’s dad at work, a woman started crying. It turns out Rachel’s Dad was having an affair on Rachel’s Mother. Later that night Rachel’s Father murdered Rachel’s Mom in front of Sam and Rachel. A neighbor took Sam and Rachel to an orphan agency. There they were separated. Rachel went to Hebrew Infant Home and Sam was sent to another Hebrew home. At the Infant home, her and the other kids were studies and material for doctors. Rachel was Orphan #8, material for Dr. Hess and Dr. Solomon. Dr. Solomon was one of the only women to practice. Dr. Solomon’s practice involved …show more content…

When Sam heard about the incident, Sam ran away to Rabinowitz Dry Goods. Eventually Rachel ran away to Rabinowitz Dry Goods. Her Uncle tried marrying her, so she left for a neighboring town in Colorado. She met a family that she lived with and worked for. When she was there she spent all of her money on a wig, made of her Amelia’s hair. After she paid her wig off, Rachel got enough money to move back to New York. With the help of the family she was staying with, she ended up going to nursing school in New York. In New York she reconnected with Naomi, and they started dating. A little after they reconnected, Naomi had to go to Florida to visit her Uncle. She stayed there for quite a long time.Rachel Rabinowitz works at Old Hebrews Home on the 5th floor. One day Mildred Solomon became Rachel’s patient. When Rachel realized Mildred Solomon was her doctor that gave her all the x-rays, all she wanted from her was a sorry and Rachel wanted revenge on Mildred . To make Mildred Solomon suffer just like Rachel suffered, Rachel wouldn’t give Mildred her correct amount of Morphine. Mildred was in so much pain, and lonely. Rachel had saved enough Morphine to kill

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