How Did Burr Shot Hamilton Really

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Alexander Hamilton born on Nevis January 11th 1755 and died on July 12th, but why? Burr shot Hamilton in a duel in 1807. Burr and Hamilton had personal problems with each other. Not only that but political problems too. Hamilton was shot by a Burr of most likely no intention to kill Hamilton after he accepted the duel offer. Burr 's shot hit Alexander Hamilton causing death the next day. Even though Burr most likely did not mean to kill Hamilton, the duel was one of the biggest reasons why Dueling was banned in the United States. Who was Burr really? What was Alexander 's childhood like? What caused this tragic event? Was anybody there other than them? What are the major effects of this? Hamilton was born in Nevis. His mom name is Rachel Fawcett Lavien who was British and French Huguenot descent. James Hamilton was his father, a Scottish trader. At the time of Hamilton 's birth Rachel had been married to John Lavien of which she 'd had pressured to marry by her parents. They had a son named Peter together. John was abusive toward Rachel. He even had her in Jail for several months for …show more content…

Burr shot him hit him in the chest area with a .56 caliber. A few reasons why they were rivals was one, in 1791 Burr beat Hamilton 's father-in-law as Senate, but after six years Burr lost the reelection to Hamilton 's father-in-law but blamed Hamilton, accusing him for turning voters against him. In 1800, Burr ran for President against Thomas Jefferson. They tied and house representatives had to decide who won. Hamilton then vocalized his support for Jefferson and how he did not like Burr. The final decision was Thomas Jefferson. Burr became Vice President. During the duel there were spectators. Seconds of both men were there. After the event the eyewitnesses or seconds joined forces to create a published article, and the article said according to ( Duel At

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