Racial Tension In High School Case Study

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Example #1

DeFazio, Louis Vincent. "High School Student Attitudes regarding Race Relations and Racial Tension." Order No. 9535734 Temple University, 1995. Ann Arbor: ProQuest.

The purpose of the case study was to examine high school student attitudes regarding race relations and racial tension in the suburban school setting. The students and staff members at the high school experienced racial tension. White students did stereotype minorities according to race and color and tended to consider all students of color as being African-American. Attitudes about race and culture did vary within the five identifiable segments of the student population. Open communications between the students improved race relations

Example # 2

Ysais, Michelle Rae. "Students' Perceptions of Black-Latino Conflicts in Public Schools." Order No. 3491328 University of California, Riverside, 2011. Ann Arbor: ProQuest.

The research done on this project provides a student perspective of the so-called Black-Brown "racial" tension in Los Angeles high schools… A theoretical foundation for examining Black and Latino tensions and their structural influences is provided along with an explanation of the …show more content…

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