Racism In James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time

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Changing is inevitable when traveling through life. Usually people, countries, or societies will evolve to become better than they once were. The 2000’s has seen a decrease in racism and more fighting against racism, than in the 1800s or the 1900s. In James Baldwin’s “The Fire Next Time”, Baldwin writes, “We can make America what America must become” (10) to his nephew, the future generation. Baldwin means that America must become more accepting, “For this is your home, my friend, do not be driven from it” (10). America is not the home of only one race, it is the home of many. Baldwin wants his nephew to know that it is upon them to create a more accepting America. Baldwin thinks that America must change because of the hypocrisy of religions, the persecution of the blacks
Baldwin views Christianity and Islam as hypocritical because each religion sees itself as superior than others. These religions are two of …show more content…

Baldwin had spent many years learning and preaching the Word and had come to realize that “…there was no love in the church. It was a mask for hatred and self-hatred and despair” (39). This mask caused people to think only for themselves. The priests acted in self-interest and rejected anyone who would prevent them from gaining their desire. Baldwin saw that the greediness of the church was not helping anyone. His childhood friends were still turning to the streets, drinking and committing crimes. The church committed the same acts, but few noticed because of this mask of love, just as Elijah used his charisma to convince others to hate whites.
Baldwin believed that his nephew and himself could change America. The fact that he believes that he has the ability to change how others perceive each other shows how much faith he has in the ability of people to love. In the second essay he mentions how there are few people he loves and that some of those people are

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