Ralph And Jack's Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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Avery Lawrence
Mr. Delgado
English 9
January 26, 2023 Leadership
Leadership can be described as reason and logic, or fear and intimidation. Such ideas are significant because Jack uses the boys' fear to keep them following him whereas Ralph uses reasonable thinking and logic to help the boys understand why to listen to him. In The Lord of the Flies William Golding expresses how Jack leads the boys to kill Simon. In regards to Jack and Ralph’s style of leadership, it is believed that the boys don’t know which boy to follow. These views are based on Ralph’s leadership style of using logic and intelligence, whereas Jack relies on the fear of the boys for his style of leadership. Further evidence can be found when Jack leaves his group to make a better, stronger hunting group. Inevitably, we must agree that both of the boys have their own style of leadership, but Ralph has the better approach to leading the boys.

By studying the theme of Lord of the Flies by William Golding the reader gains insight into the leadership styles of Ralph and Jack. The author states, “ He was …show more content…

In the Author’s words “He looked round guiltily at the three boys standing by. This was the first time he had admitted the double function for fire. Certainly one was to send up a beckoning column of smoke; but the other was to be a hearth now and a comfort until they sleep.” (Golding 162) This quote expresses how Ralph feels to do things for the greater good of the entire group. An examination of this quote reveals how Ralph Cares for every boy living with him. The author also expresses how instead of helping with the camp and fire Jack made others do that, while he went off hunting for a pig just to prove his own self-worth. In closing, it is important to note that Jack is a more selfish leader, but Ralph believes in what is best for all the

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