Ramsess Accomplishments

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Who was Ramses II and why was he so great. Ramses II was a pharaoh of Egypt during the New Kingdom Era. Ramses was king of Egypt from king from 1279 to 1212 and ruled for 67 years and died at age 93. He was also known as Ramses the Great because he was such a great pharaoh. Ramses II had many accomplishments as pharaoh, such as peace with the Hittites, building temples, and strengthening Egypt’s military power. Ramses II was well known for his peace treaty with the Hittites. During Ramses reign over Egypt, Ramses was at war with the Hittites for control of land. Ramses and the Hittites had been enemies and had had many battles. His most famous battle between him and the Hittites was the Battle of Kadesh. The Battle of Kadesh was in the city of Kadesh in 1274 BC and was the biggest chariot battle ever. Also, Ramses had fought the Hittites in Canaan for several years and ending the war with a peace treaty and acknowledging Khattushili III has the ruler of the Hittites. “The treaty marked the beginning of a national and personal friendship”. The peace treaty was the first peace treaty made. …show more content…

For example, the Abu Simbel which is two temple that were cut into a stone cliff. The larger one is Ramses which has four sixty-seven-foot statues of him seated in a throne with two on each side of the entrance. The other temple is for his wife Nefertari and has six statues of her and Ramses in front. Also, Ramses II also built the Ramesseum which is a memorial temple dedicated to himself to show his greatness. In the center was the House of Life, which was a giant library dedicated to show of the pharaoh. The temples were also to show off all of Egypt’s power to people near the borders to show them

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