Rasseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns

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Having meaning in the world is what most of us long for. The woman in Afghanistan don’t even have a reason to think about having meaning, because of the way they are treated. Women by the Taliban get treated as an object. Reading A Thousand Splendid Suns gives you a clear portrayal of what the women in the book was Mariam. Can’t even imagine how frightened she must have been. Mariam is married to Rasheed. Rasheed a controlling shoemaker, who is motivated to replace his dead son. After discovering Mariam cannot conceive a child, Rasheed started to abuse Mariam. Rasheed unhappy that he can’t replace his son, he marries Laila. Laila gives Rasheed the son that he wanted. Rasheed having two wives, he abuses them both. “Laila insists that it isn’t fair for Mariam to stay and face punishment for Rasheed’s death, but Mariam tells her it is. She says she has killed their husband and deprived Zalmai of a father. It isn’t right that she runs. She will never escape Zalmai’s grief. How will she look at him in the future? She says, “For me it ends here. There’s nothing more I want. Everything I’d ever wished for as a little girl you’ve already given me. You and your children have made me so very happy. It’s all right, Laila. This is all right. Don’t be sad.” (Hossini.319)” When drawing Mariam it wasn’t hard. Even though there was no visual description of …show more content…

“This is a legitimate end to a life of illegitimate beginnings.” She begins to say a few words from the Koran as the executioner tells her to kneel and look down. “For one last time, Miriam does as she is told.” (Hossini.329)” It’s very unfortunate that Mariam, Laila, and many other women go through this every day for the rest of their lives. In spite of the hand of Rasheed and the abusive treatment of women by the Taliban. They remained

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