Rave Subculture Research Paper

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In sociology, a subculture is a popular culture with its own practices, values and beliefs.
A subculture explains the reason why a certain cultural group behaves the way it does. Raves has become a popular subculture in America since the early 1990's. It originated originally in the United Kingdom during the 1980's. A rave is a dance party with a large group of people with DJ's playing electronic dance music. In “Generation Ecstasy: Into The World of Techno and
Rave Culture” it states “rave is more than music plus drugs; it’s a matrix of lifestyle, ritualized, behavior, and beliefs. To the participant, it feels like a religion; to the mainstream observer” (Reynolds, 237). Like every other subculture, the rave culture has their own practices and beliefs like a religion. The rave subculture mostly includes people in the early
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The subculture of raves has become popular since the early 1990’s in America. During the time when Bill Clinton became president and helped rebuild America’s economy. The media and the internet play a big role as an advertisement for raves. It helped spread the idea of raves.
The practices and rituals that occur in raves are things like dancing, dressing up in an odd fashion, and use of drugs. Raves are like going clubbing with a lot of drugs like ecstasy and crystal meth present. During the 1990’s, both ecstasy and crystal meth were the most popular drugs. They were also dangerous and harmful as well. They were harmful to people’s health. Because these two drugs were so popular and used very often in raves, adults such as parents of the young adults are always worried. The drugs have consequences. There has been incidents where people overdosed on ecstasy and crystal meth. Some sociologist believes that the ecstasy is helpful to be in the moment of the raves. The reason is because of the effects of the drug. But raves are a subculture, its like a religion to many people like Reynolds
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