Punk Rock Movement

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The music industry has played a large role in shaping the society in which people live in today. Music has the ability to not only impact an individual’s life but society as a whole. One genre/subgenre in particular that was able to cause dramatic change within the US itself was punk rock. Punk rock, which could be consider a subgenre of rock n roll or a genre of its own, came into the popular music scene in the 1960s and 70s and played a huge role in shaping the lives of many Americans especially those whose voices were not heard in the mainstream. Throughout history and still in today’s society many groups of people go unheard and are not respected as they should be under the constitution. The genre/subgenre of punk rock has brought …show more content…

Punk rock has played a huge role in the lives of the youth throughout history. During the 1960s, the youth of America was going through a period in which their voices were not being heard. Unhappy that their voices were being unheard and ignored, rebellion began to occur with the formation societies all across the country. One movement in particular, The Free Speech Movement, emerged at the University of California at Berkeley and was a huge step forward for teens having a say in politics. In the background of this youth movement was music, more specifically artists who had a role on punk rock in America. Bob Dylan, a folk artist, played a major role in the youth movement during the 1960s because his music was anti-mainstream at the time which is what teens wanted. At the time, folk music presented an outlet for the youth of America to express their displeasure with mainstream society and their parents’ values. Dylan’s music was unique in the sense that it focused on an individual instead of society as a whole like most …show more content…

During this period, racial inequality was at an all-time high and life for many African Americans was difficult. Luckily, they had the support of the MC5 and their manager John Sinclair. The Motor City Five had a remarkable relationship with the fellow African Americans that lived within the city to the point that the band considered themselves “white negroes.” John Sinclair and the band had remarkable accomplishments within the city of Detroit, the most significant one being the formation of the White Panther Party. The White Panther Party was founded in 1968 and was considered to be a direct equivalent to the Black Panther Party. The party itself was responsible for working with other ethnic minority groups in order to raise awareness for equal rights. Ultimately, MC5 and Sinclair were able to inspire hope for equality within the disenfranchised African American community living in Detroit. The relationship and the hope that MC5 inspired within the African American community was remarkable and not the norm at the time. The Motor City Five were able to effectively give a voice to a minority within society and inspire change within society as a

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