Reading Response To Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'The Scarlet Letter'

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Amanda Vicente
The Scarlet Letter Reading Response
AP English Language Period J
16 August 2016

Journal Entry 1: Chapters 1-2

In The Scarlet Letter, the author sets a mood from the beginning of the book. The setting is old and beat up in front of an aged wooden prison with judgmental Puritans ready to tear a women apart. The Puritans are hypocrites and the author portrays that in the story. Nathaniel Hawthorne did not always speak positively toward the Puritans, but he has respect for the group. The main symbol that stands out is the scarlet letter “A” that was stuck on Hester Prynne for her actions of adultery which is a theme for this book. Another symbol is the rose bush that grew right outside of the old, rusty, decaying prison …show more content…

The narrator portrays him as an intelligent but angry old man that does not have any interest in his wife any longer unless it is plotting revenge. One theme in this chapter is something that can slowly destroy people mentally, guilt. The irony that took place in this story is that Chillingworth is trying to find the father of his wife's child. The main theme in chapter three and four is obeying the law of the people and if failed to be done it will end in punishment.

Journal Entry 3: Chapters 5-6

For the rest of Hester’s life she will be forced to wear a red embroidered “A” at all times on her clothes. This effects her every day life going out in public and getting ridiculed by all the towns people she is surrounded by. Hester Prynne doesn’t just have to live with a mistake right on her shirt, but people also help her remember past. She does have her daughter or her “sole treasure.” The young girls name is pearl and she is not exactly like the others. It isn't easy because her and her mother are considered different in the community so she is lonely but very …show more content…

In the beginning of the book there is a long chapter giving background on the narrator and story. If it was not for his family he would not be in the position of where he is at today. This gives him a reason to be where he feels most connected and motivated. There was no negative tone toward his old job and workers, but neutral because he was not out there with his writing yet. In this story Nathaniel Hawthorne directly address the readers which can create a bond and connection with the readers throughout the book. I appreciate the detailed description of The Scarlet Letter because it made everything

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