Reality In A Streetcar Named Desire Essay

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The character role of Blanche in the play, A Streetcar Named Desire was full of fantasy and delusion where Stella and Stanley started to live a life in romance. The place names were real, the journey foreshadowed Blanche’s psyche orientation throughout the play. Blanche’s desires had led her down paths of bad sexual relation and alcoholism, and by making contact with the Kowalski; she had crossed the limit. Blanche’s desire to escape made her to isolate from the world around her. By the end of the play, Blanche could no longer distinguish between fantasy and reality. The controversy between fantasy and reality based on Blanche’s relationship with both other characters and the world around her. Blanche didn’t want to live real life she wanted …show more content…

When Mitch observed that Blanche was avoiding to expose her from bright light, he realized stories, Stanley had told him of her past. Mitch then compelled Blanche to confront her by standing under the direct light. When he told her that he did not care for her age, just her deceitfulness, Blanche responded by saying that she did not mean any harm she believed in magic, rather than reality. Blanche’s inability to tolerate light meant that her grasp on reality was also nearing to its end. In scene six, Blanche narrated past events of her husband, Allan Grey to Mitch. Blanche told that the bright light had been missing during her inconsequential sexual affairs with other men; she had enjoyed only in dim light not in the bright light. Bathing Throughout A Streetcar Named Desire, Blanche bathed herself. Her sexual experiences had made her a hysterical woman, but these baths, as she said, calm her nerves. In light of her efforts to forget and shed her illicit past in the new community of New Orleans, these baths represented her efforts to cleanse herself of her odious history. It was very hard for her to abolish the past, her bathing was never done. After beating Stella, Stanley used showers to get cool down. The shower relieved violent temperament; afterward, he left bathroom feeling relax and called out longingly for his

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