Complex post-traumatic stress disorder Essays

  • Child Abuse Literature Review

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    PhD., & Rosenbloom, T., Ph.D. (2013). Body image among victims of sexual and physical abuse. Violence and Victims, 28(2), 259-73. Retrieved from Abuse of women and children is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon as reflected through its many diverse definitions. Physical abuse may include beating, slapping, kicking, burns, threats with a weapon, and destruction of a loved object or pet (Straus, 1988). In contrast, sexual abuse

  • The Dual Process Model: Effective Coping With Bereavement

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    confrontation and avoidance of different stressors associated with bereavement” (Stroebe & Schut, 1999, pg. 215). The bereaved will at times be confronted by loss and at other times find relief through distractions and attending to new things. Optimal post-loss adjustment is posited to occur when the bereaved individual smoothly transitions or oscillate between LO and RO processes (Shah & Meeks, 2012; Stroebe & Schut, 1999). “The ones who best cope with death may be those who both embrace and avoid

  • Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats

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    There are many reasons why dogs are better pets than cats in various ways. It is important for pet owners alike to understand what dogs are capable of accomplishing. It is also important to understand why dogs are better pets than cats. Understanding the reasons to why dogs are far superior pets than cats can be useful information to pet owners. Some major reasons why dogs are better pets than cats because dogs can decrease and prevent various illnesses. Another major reason why dogs are better

  • Consequences Of Teenage Dating: Cause And Effects

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    at 2.23%. These statistics are indicators of other problems associated with early dating, such as STD’s, pregnancy, abortion, violence, instability, low self-esteem, economic hardship, failure to complete education, lack of post-secondary education, depression, suicide, stress-related health issues, alcoholism, substance abuse, divorce, cheating, truancy, and running away. Early dating is harmful to young people who lack the maturity to make correct life-changing decisions and handle the consequences

  • Essay On Recreation

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    as contradistinguished from peaceful conditions. Life has now become tremendously complicated. As a result, everybody has fallen a victim to tension. Tension may arise and abide in the mind of a man when he gets into the grip of mental strain and stress. This is a state of continuous anxiety which eats into his vitals and causes him many serious problems including high blood pressure and heart disease. Causes of tension : Tension arises out of many circumstances. Life is not an easy affair nowadays

  • The Shadow Lines Summary

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    The Shadow Lines (1988) is captures outlook of time and events, of lines that bring people together and hold them apart lines that are clearly visible from one perspective and nonexistent from another; lines that exist in the memory of one, and therefore in another's imagination. A narrative built out of an intricate, constantly crisscrossing web of memories of many people, it never pretends to tell a story. Instead, it invites the reader to invent one, out of the memories of those involved, memories

  • Essay: The Causes Of Bullying In The Workplace

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    Besides sexual harassment, bullying in the workplace is also a serious issue which must be concern. Bullying can be verbal and non verbal which force someone to do something unwanted by using personal superior strength. Bullying could isolate and hurt a person mentally. Bullying occurs when someone repeated a pattern of behavior which is intended to abusive, violence or even harms a particular person or a group of people. Approximately 54 millions of workers, or 35 percent of U.S. employees, are

  • Shakespeare's Hamlet Speech To Be Or Not To Be

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    Question 2: Shakespeare's Hamlet has a famous speech called "To be or not to be". Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, and the central character of the play delivered this speech. Hamlet suspected his uncle, Claudius for the death of his father. However, the ghost of his father confirmed that his brother (Claudius) is the man behind his murder. Hamlet promises his father's ghost that he would murder his brother and forgets about it. He pretends to be a mad person to gather more information against his uncle

  • Essay On Loneliness And Alienation

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    2. RESEARCH QUESTIONS: 1. What are the different forms of loneliness and alienation? 2. What are the factors that led to a sense of loneliness and alienation? 3. What are the effects of loneliness and alienation? 4. How do lonely and alienated individuals approach life? 5. How do individuals cope up with loneliness and alienation? 6. To what degree can one withstand the effects of loneliness and alienation? 3. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES: • To determine the causes and types of loneliness and alienation

  • Police Use Of Force Essay

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    For many years, it has been difficult in identifying the proper meaning of the use of force or the proper use of force, regarding on police officers. Use of force by police officers is acceptable under specific circumstances, such as self-defense and of another individual or group when necessary. There are officers caught abusing their power by using excessive force in the wrong situations. Many people can view police officers as using excessive force in a way to complete their job, but others can

  • Post Traumatic Stress Research Paper

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    POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER- Post traumatic Stress disorder is a condition of persistent mental and emotional stress, It is a mental health condition that is caused by a terrifying event. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event. In order to be diagnosed with PTSD, a person must have three different types of symptoms. Those symptoms are re-experiencing symptoms, avoidance and numbing symptoms, and arousal symptoms. An interesting

  • Reality In A Streetcar Named Desire Essay

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    The character role of Blanche in the play, A Streetcar Named Desire was full of fantasy and delusion where Stella and Stanley started to live a life in romance. The place names were real, the journey foreshadowed Blanche’s psyche orientation throughout the play. Blanche’s desires had led her down paths of bad sexual relation and alcoholism, and by making contact with the Kowalski; she had crossed the limit. Blanche’s desire to escape made her to isolate from the world around her. By the end of the

  • Philanthropy In Bleak House

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    Bleak House, a novel whose main feature is the satire of England and its judicial system we are swiftly but thoroughly shown the hypocrisy of some “philanthropists.” The following essay will discuss the significance of philanthropy in Victorian times and how Dickens heavily satirizes it in Chapter 4, ‘Telescopic Philanthropy.’ Dickens was renowned for using his writing as an outlet to criticize the social, moral and economic abuses of the Victorian times. Firstly we shall establish an accurate definition

  • Essay On Family Income

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    adolescence or adulthood which have a great negative impact on them which then leads to development of psychiatric disorders(2). Hopelessness, depression and suicidality are more common in people with low socio-economic status (3,4) Reason for this is lack of access to health care facilities.(5) Studies have shown that illiteracy is a major risk factor for common mental disorders (6).Higher education is found to have positive influence on brain development which protects it from

  • Consequences Of School Bullying

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    Bullying is a relatively new concept. However, it is an issue that has somehow been presented ever since the origin of human beings. The causes for such issue can vary from the need to demonstrate superiority as an inherent biological condition to the lack of affection and attention from parents as a never-ending cycle in which bullies are also others' victims. Because parents, teachers, and principals tend to overlook children's abusive behavior justifying it or confusing it with an allegedly children's

  • Relationships In The Color Purple

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    Relationships and the Mind Many factors go into how one thinks. A very important factor is relationships that occur throughout one’s life. In The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, the main character Celie experiences many different types of relationships that cause her to think differently. Celie interacts with men and women who cause her to feel many different emotions and change how she thinks about herself. When Celie views her relationship with herself she realizes she doesn’t understand who she

  • Disadvantages Of Pleagaining

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    The famous quote of Indian Jurist and leading lawyer Nani Palkhivala, ”The greatest drawback of the administration of justice in India today is because of delay of cases…The law may or may not be an ass, but in India, it is certainly a snail and our cases proceed at a pace which would be regarded as unduly slow in the community of snails. Justice has to be blind but I see no reason why it should be lame. Here it just hobbles along, barely able to work. ” After the US has experimented, reformed and

  • Margaret Sanger The Children's Era Summary

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    Trying to prevent neglected children and back-alley abortions, Margaret Sanger gave the moving speech, “The Children’s Era,” in 1925 to spread information on the benefits and need for birth control and women's rights. Margaret Sanger--activist, educator, writer, and nurse--opened the first birth control clinic in the United States and established organizations that evolved into the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. During most of the 1900’s, birth control and abortions were illegal in the

  • Theory Of Trauma Theory

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    Perspective’, maintains that the theory of trauma was said to have sprung out of Freud’s Psychoanalysis where he (Freud) believes that “all neurosis was a result of previous traumatic experience” (Rick 2).The term “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” (PTSD) is a concept which is very central to trauma theory; it was coined from Freud’s “traumatic neurosis” by the American Psychiatric Association in 1980. PSTD is one of the world’s deadliest illnesses; it is responsible for the deaths of many and has been the

  • Coping Techniques In Watching Movies

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    According to Promises Treatment Centers (2013), life is filled with challenges, interpersonal conflict, physical and emotional pain, loss, and stress. Some people also experience significant trauma like a near-death experience, being a victim of violence or abuse, or witnessing horrible events. Every now and then, those people who experienced challenges in life try to cope with the situation. Coping consists of actions and thoughts that aimed at dealing with stressful situation (Smorti, 2012).