Rear Window Lisa Relationship

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In the film Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock, the relationship between LB Jeffries and Lisa Fremont transitions from a relationship with only Lisa believing that it will work to a relationship where LB reciprocates the beliefs of Lisa. Initially in the story, it is apparent to the viewers that Jeffries is tentative and does not believe that Lisa and he will work as shown by his tentativeness to marry Lisa when conversing with Stella. As Jeffries makes mention that Lisa is “Too Perfect.” (Rear Window White Script, P20) and implies Lisa is too caught up in high society to be with him as he is always traveling for work and has little money. These lines reveal that he views Lisa as someone who enjoys the finer things in life which he believes he …show more content…

Lisa responds by stating her love and affection for Jeffries and states “I don’t care what you do … I would just like to be part of it” (Rear Window White Script, P43). From this line, it is apparent to viewers that Lisa truly cares for Jeffries and Jeffries refuses to see this. This argument prompts a change in the relationship as Lisa determines that she must prove to Jeffries that she can be a part of his world. Lisa does this by expressing an interest in the situation Jeffries observes out his window as they discuss what he has seen then Lisa begins to sleuth around the apartment. This is a significant change for Lisa as she initially disapproves of Jeffries’s observance of the other tenants. Lisa’s change in actions is to prove to Jeffries that she can live with him even on assignment. As Jeffries observes more incriminating evidence Lisa’s actions get bolder and bolder to prove that she could live with Jeffries. As Lisa’s actions get bolder it causes a key turning point in their relationship as Jeffries begins to take notice causing him to re-evaluate his belief that his relationship with Lisa could not work out and he concludes that it could

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