Reasons For Diinishing Diversity In Society In Harrison Bergeron

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Harrison is the son of Hazel and George in the Icarus tale; Harrison Bergeron. They live in a Dystopian Society where handicaps are forced on them against their will in attempt to limit their abilities, resulting in what their government believes is deserved equality. Harrison then rebels against the government, and gets shot as his punishment. The message we are fed from this Icarus tale is that if we handicap people, or attempt to diminish diversity, then it’s impossible to have a successful society. The first reason why diminishing diversity would result in an unsuccessful society is because people wouldn’t be able to express who they are, resulting in citizens rebelling against higher power. On page 22, line 149, a Ballerina on television speaking for the news bulletin stated “‘Harrison Bergeron, age fourteen,’ she said in a grackle squack, ‘has just escaped from jail where he was held on suspension of plotting to overthrow the government. He is a genius and an athlete, is under-handicapped, and should be regarded as extremely dangerous.’” Imagine being taken away of your beauty. Imagine being stolen of your skills. Imagine losing your intelligence. And at the root of everything, having to drop your right to freedom. If you were a part of a community, and you had to witness close ones being stripped of their individuality, just think of what that would do to you emotionally. Now what if you were one of those people. What would you do. In these kind of situations,

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