Rebecca Nurse Be Enough To Judge Ruth Putnam To Do?

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Judge Danforth, I have some very simple questions for you. After this whole ordeal over witchcraft is done, would you like to be remembered as the judge that succumbed to the hysteria and sentenced many innocent people to death, or would you like to be remembered as the person that remained the voice of reason throughout this time of panic? Would you like the courts to be remembered for their truthful justice or for bowing down to the crazed words of little girls? If you sentence Rebecca Nurse to hang, the answer to both these questions would be the latter.
The very fact that Rebecca Nurse would be accused on any charge is inconceivable and yet here we are, discussing it as if this 72-year-old woman is a threat to our society and our children. …show more content…

Let someone bring even one piece of solid evidence against Goody Nurse. I guarantee that it is an impossible task, as the evidence against Goody Nurse is non-existent. It is shadowy and vague and without foundation. It is purely fictitious- made up from the long brewed bitterness of a family seeking revenge. What exactly did Goody Nurse force Ruth Putnam to do? Ruth was never physically harmed nor did she ever harm anyone else. How would this fragile, old woman’s spirit ever have allied with the Devil to hurt young children? The simple and concrete answer is. . . it never did. Rebecca Nurse, despite what some townspeople may suggest, has never harmed anyone in this …show more content…

Would hanging Rebecca Nurse really help purge this community of the Devil and its evil spirits, when she is one of the most respectable women this society knows? No. No it would not. Even Reverend Hale, who many called in because of his expertise in the field of witchcraft, stated that, “if Rebecca Nurse be tainted, then nothing’s left to stop the whole green world from burning.” What say you to that, Danforth? What say you to that, members of the jury? Rebecca Nurse has lived in this community for years, much longer than most, and yet we let this one vengeful family decide on her life. She is not guilty and we all know it, but we are too cowardly to stand up and stop it. If you do not spare her life, are you any better than those who really do converse with the

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