Rebecca Nurse In The Crucible

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“Why, it is a lie, it is a lie; how may I damn myself? I cannot I cannot.” Rebecca Nurse, a character from The Crucible, is on the verge of being condemned to hand for witchcraft and is being pressured into admitting her identity. Rebecca is a married women to Francis Nurse. She is a kind, religious woman who has raised eleven wonderful children. She is accused of witchcraft for the murdering of Ann Putnam’s seven children. Rebecca Nurse is a very religious, reasonable, and caring women, who I can relate to based on my life. Rebecca Nurse is a religious woman in The Crucible and I am in life as well. In The Crucible, many people are accused of witchcraft and are put on trial to be hung. If the convicted admit to their witch actions, a sentence to jail, as well as a fine would be charged upon them. Rebecca is accused for murdering the seven children of Ann Putnam who have died long before any questioning arose. Following this accusation, which is one of many that are false, Rebecca would go through the court process of either admitting to her actions as a witch or …show more content…

While everyone in town believed the crying teenage girls that claimed witches were upon them, Rebecca Nurse used logical reasoning and claimed that they were acting just like regular teenage girls. Reasoning through tricky situation is a skill I also possess. Through the beginning of ninth grade I used reasoning to make new friends. Many people wanted to be my friend, but some of those who did told lies about people that I had been talking to in order for me to give more of my time to them. I disregarded the lies and today some of the “bad people” are now my friends. My girlfriend has recently went through a tough time with her parent, as a result many problems have occurred. I have used my knowledge to reason through decisions with her such as when she should speak up to tell them how she

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