The Crucible: The Tragic Hero

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The Tragic Hero, John Proctor The Crucible is a depiction of the hardships from the Puritan lifestyle. The story brought out the true characteristics of Puritan believers, shadowed by the evils in the world. During the Salem Witch Trials people were hysterical due to their dealings with the devil. Betty Parris, Abigail Williams, and Mercy Lewis started the accusations that would lead to the end of innocent men and women including John Proctor. John, the protagonist of the story, had his faults like any other person, battling them until the end of his time on Earth. His character was portrayed magnificently through his pride, free will, nobility, and his death in the bitter end, thus labeling him a tragic hero. To begin with, John Proctor’s …show more content…

John’s neighbors and friends all claim he is a good and noble man, and he is. Therefore, when he is accused of witchcraft, the court feared what the town may do. As portrayed on page 880 by Reverend Parris, “Judge Hathorne- it were another sort that hanged till now. Rebecca Nurse is n Bridget that lived three year with Bishop before she married him. John Proctor is not Isaac Ward that drank his family to ruin. I would to God it were not so, Excellency, but these people have great weight yet in this town.”. Proctor’s nobility is limn through the word of Parris, a man who does not favor Proctor, but believes his name has a mighty reign over the village. Proctor’s nobility would not save him from the horrible execution of hanging by a noose. John died due to unlawful judgment from Danforth. Danforth said, “Come then sign your testimony. Give it to him. Come man sign it” then the conversation came to a boiling point and ended with an ultimatum proposed by Danforth stating, “Do you sport with me? You will sign your name or it is no confession, Mister!”. In fear of his life Proctor signs his name promptly and refuses to give up his testimony for the use of the court and to keep his good name. Without receiving the confession in a written form the court ruled the confession fickle and sentenced John Proctor to hang by his neck.
In essence, John Proctor is indeed a tragic hero. His excessive pride, free will, nobility, and damnation resemble that so. John Proctor held and authoritative and firm hand. In addition, faced the repercussions of his choices in life. Finally, was tried unlawfully and remained with a pure name at his demise. Remember the strength, courage, and pride he would have to feel to die for his

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