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Rebecca Robeson is a luxury residential interior designer. Sher is the CEO& lead designer of Robeson deign, and interior design firm based in San Diego, California. Since the start of the company in 1994, formally known as Ugly Duckling interiors has now advanced to a world-renowned luxury interior company, Robeson Design. Recently Robeson Design became more of a family business, Sharrah, Rebecca’s daughter is the Director of Marketing and Rebecca’s son, Scott is the Business and Project Manager. Together the company has become an internationally renowned luxury interior design firm, but Rebecca has also created an extended family in the YouTube community. With Robeson Design two channels, Robeson Design where Rebecca and her team show you …show more content…

Rebecca guarantees her design secret is “listening, listening, listening… followed by near-magic powers of translation.” (Robeson, Meet Rebecca Robeson, 2014) She believes that her ability to listen to her clients want and needs by getting a feel for their personality and their space. Listening to what her clients want and wish for in their home, and be able to hear what they don’t know how to say. “Sometimes, it’s what they say; but more often, it’s what they mean… that takes discernment on my part. My job is to listen intently, that’s how masterpieces happen.”( (Robeson, Meet Rebecca Robeson, 2014)) Combined with her creative, out of the box thinking and design experience is what really brings her work alive. Implementing that into their spaces to create magnificent luxurious homes that help you live your …show more content…

Rebecca is passionate to inspire her client’s and her viewers to live their style. Every home and space that Rebecca designs are unique and personal to the family that she is working with. She finds that is important to incorporate her client’s personal collections into her design, is an unbelievable way never tacky or cluttered, just beautiful. She wants a client’s home to be a display of their personal style, while still keeping it luxurious and homey. A large part of her design is in customizing interior fixtures, furnishings, window treatments, area rugs, art, and accessories that are powerful and unique to the client and their space. When all placed together these elements create the feeling of luxury living while still real and personal to teach and every client’s home. Rebecca’s design is quite luxurious while keeping it a traditional home. After all, it is still a home, her design juxtaposition for high-end elegance and homey traditional pieces keep the house to be admired and a home to be lived in. “You should always be able to curl your feet up on the sofa.” (Robeson, Meet Rebecca Robeson,

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