Brown hair Essays

  • Scouting Legion Monologue

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    I stood atop the wall alongside several of my fellow ex-trainees. Toris Laurinaitis, a mousy young man with light brown hair and green eyes, stared into the far distance where the settlements within Wall Maria once stood. He looked distant as he scanned the horizon. I guessed he must have lived in Wall Maria too. "So, where do we go from here?" Toris asked to no one in particular. "We go wherever we want to go. After today, we choose which part of the military we spend our lives in," Tino said

  • Lainey Sansom: A Short Story

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    She had glossy blonde hair down to her lower back, sweet pea freckles, blue crystal eyes, like a husky’s, and she was kind and sweet. She was also scared to build this robot. She asked the teacher a question. “Mr. Sears?” “Yes, Lainey.” He said with an annoyed tone. “Is this robot for a grade, do we have to do it?” “Of course we do. I mean, why wouldn’t it be?” Said a girl from across the room. Her name was Ryleigh. She was sort of tall, brown eyes, brunette hair, and fair skin with glorious

  • College Admissions Essay: The Promise That Changed My Life

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    I use to think that the only thing keeping me and my dreams apart was a promise I made to myself a long time ago and that was “to be successful”. I made this promise when I was 16 and prolonged it until I became 26, I am now 30 years of age and am here to tell you about that promise that might have just changed my life. It all started on my first day in college when my promise became a process because we all know to get what you want in life you have to work for it and that is want I intended to

  • Personal Narrative: Ricson Changed My Life

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    “Hey Mac, I’m low on cash, but me and my buds really need a cigarette or two. Mind if I borrow a few bucks?” Tray slowly said as he walked up to me sitting on the outside bleachers of our school. My eyes shot to his pocket as he slowly pulled out a knife I had seen many times before. My fists clenched, I quickly breathed, and as I bit my cheek tasting warm blood, which didn’t help, the adrenaline rush started. As I sat trying to hold myself, Tray grinned and his two goons chuckled to each other.

  • Narrative Essay My 911 Family

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    and without them we wouldn’t be who we are today. Although I have many cousins I am only close to my cousin Britney, she knows everything about me. We are together twenty-four seven, were like two peas in a pot. Britney is a short girl with dark long hair, she’s a mom to one beautiful little girl that looks exactly

  • Oratory Speech: Being Optimistic

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    Oratory Speech: Being Optimistic From the beginning of our lives, all of us have experienced some form of embarrassment. And for me, I tend to drop a lot of things. A while back, I was at a party with a lot of people I knew. My parents, my friends, and their parents were all there. I had two slices of pizza on my plate. They were the last slices of pizza, and I was getting them for my friend. While I was walking, I didn’t realize that my plate was slightly tilted, and soon one of my slices fell

  • The Importance Of Adversity In My Life

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    Adversity is defined as a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress (Adversity, 2018). My family has played tremendous roles when I have been hit with obstacles in my life. in who I have become as a person. During these trials, I have learned to adapt the philosophy of “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” by Friedrich Nietzsche. (The Telegraph) Friedrich Nietzsche was a “German classical scholar, philosopher, and critic of culture, who became one of the most influential of all

  • Charity Play Summary

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    The play Charity will have an elaborate set. The scene is set in a brightly lit, flashy hotel lobby. A large, crystal chandelier hangs in the center of the lobby where Merlene Odums, her two children, and Clay stand on top of a red carpet. The same red carpet has giant Bellagio logo imprinted into it to show off the hotel’s prestigious brand. Tall walls with renaissance like designs on them envelope the space and there is a glass door that shows the Vegas night with its flashy signs. The front desk

  • Abby Rose Monologue

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    day when she approached me, I should 've known she was trouble . no I am definitely not as popular or crate as everyone thinks Abby is and I would never think I was good enough for her to talk to. I 'm just a semi popular 5 foot five girl with brown hair and green eyes I never really paid much attention to her except when I saw her standing in front of my locker. It was March 25 and eighth grade when I saw Abby Rose standing in front of my locker! I have a time I think I may have had A

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Mill Creek

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    navy blue rambler. We banded together as the loners of Heatherwood mid, Kyle being a grade higher than us though. Lindsay and I met in 5th grade, back at my elementary school, she was the other nerdy half-Asian loner girl with long dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and glasses. I guess glasses were just our thing because when Kyle joined our little group. He, too, wore glasses. But he was the medium in our group, being about half a foot taller than

  • Narrative Essay On Leprechauns

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    boy named Emmet, who had strawberry blonde hair with blue green eyes. He wore mostly brown. He was outgoing and bold. The youngest was a 14 year old girl named Bailey. She had reddish brown hair with hazel eyes and she wore mostly green. She had a silly and goofy personality that came out once one got to know her well. The middle child was a girl named Rose. She was 15. Her hair was a fiery red, and it came down to her waist. She wore green and brown. Her eyes were a dark blue. She was a

  • The Pearl Song Analysis

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    Marshaila Tyler 1/12/18 English 9 The pearl This book has morals of what happens when money is all that’s on your mind from the famous quote (money is the fruit of all evil). This topic is about the book songs and how they relate to other songs." In the pearl," Steinback uses six songs to show themes and emotions during certain situations in the Book and these six songs from the real world connect directly to the songs of "the pearl. “The song of the enemy is

  • Personal Narrative: The Horse

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    through the streets, his hands on the oak handles of his .44s, they let him pass. His black eyes shot fire at anyone who dared to bar his way. A stocky six-footer with dark skin and black hair, Tomas was very intimidating. There rode into town one day, a stranger. He had brown hair and eyes, wore a battered brown hat and a .44 on his right hip. “Whoa Lady.” he said in a Texan drawl, “We’ve reached a hotel tonight, a good thing too. Ol’ Smilin’ Sam was getting sore ridin’ from San Antonio.”

  • Doctor Mengele-Personal Narrative

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    he recognized. When he was only a few strides from the door, he felt a hand was placed on his shoulder, seeking his attention. “Henk, I haven’t seen you in days,” a smoky voice says with a light laugh. Turning, Henk came face to face with loose brown hair he had become familiar with over the years. Henk laughed as well in response to the other’s comment, “What can I say, Hans? Being an adult is time consuming. And although I would enjoy a pleasant conversation, I’ve to be on my way,”

  • Amaranth's Tragedy Trails Summary

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    a week ago, they were living life normally with their eldest triplet, Cherokee. But a tragedy happened. Now Cherokee lay five feet under the ground. May she rest peacefully for eternity. Oh how her sisters wish for that. Amaranth’s ratted jet black hair hangs around her face, in a complex web, hiding her misery. Was it murder? Was it an accident? Questions that will forever haunt her, nagging her for the truth on Cherokee’s departure. Her mother won’t talk, she never does, and Kamra is

  • Loss In Marsha Norman's Night, Mother

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    The American Sense of Loss in Marsha Norman’s play “ “ ‘night, Mother”” The American sense of loss is very much present in Marsha Norman’s “ ‘night, Mother”. The very first few lines of the play indicate that Jessie, the protagonist of the play is planning on committing suicide. The loss of free will –the major existential trauma- renders Jessie to suffer psychologically throughout her previous life. Therefore Jessie, meticulously orchestrates her own suicide as a final act of total control--something

  • Hair Extensions Research Paper

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    Hair Extensions Download - Stock Photosfrom © Hair extensions have been a highly sought after fashion accessory since they were introduced. In the past, women and men with short hair had to wait for years to grow their hair long. With the availability of hair extensions, you can change your looks dramatically by wearing long beautiful hair all of a sudden. Hair extensions allow you to wear a completely different hairstyle anytime you want, giving you the freedom to experiment with

  • The Outsiders Book Report

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    He is 6’ 2”, broad shouldered, has dark brown hair, and cold blue-green eyes. Darry is hard and firm, as it says in the book. Sodapop is a sixteen year old high school dropout who spends most of his time working at the DX gas station. In the book, Soda occurs to be smart, athletic, remarkably handsome

  • Ponytail Hairstyles

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    ponytail on curly, thick, wavy, etc hair and make them look versatile. Black women have a fashion to style their hair in this way. Thus we have brought you some of the best ponytail hairstyles for black women. 1. Side-swept Ponytail Hairstyle Long hair is required for this look. Here, one part of the asymmetrically parted is a bit voluminous than the other. The heavy part of the hair is pulled together and tied to form a ponytail. The front part of the hair conceals a part of the forehead while

  • Short Hair Style

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    Faux Hawks to Long , Medium and Short Hair You can be very creative with faux hawk updos, using a ponytail hairstyle, buns, braids, twists and curls. Styling bangs pompadour, bouffant or nails, combining cornrows, cut or shaved designs, you will personalize your faux hawk, come up with a hairstyle that will be compliments of the overall look of your hair and express your personality. 20 Hair Style that can help you find the style which suits you. # 1: Two trick Ponytail Faux Hawk If you are looking